Proposed National Geotourism Strategy and Mining Heritage

The Australian Geoscience Council (AGC), which is the Peak Council of geoscientists in Australia representing eight major Australian geoscientific societies with a total membership of over 8,000 individuals, is currently consulting with state/territory government agencies with the aim of developing a national strategy predicated on consideration of a number of broad topics which include identifying mechanisms for collaboration with providers of other areas of natural (bioregion) and cultural heritage content, inclusive of mining heritage. Through the auspices particularly of the Heritage Committee of the AusIMM (an AGC member), it has been recognised that much of Australia’s rich mining heritage, including many outstanding mineral collections, has not been adequately integrated into tourism product development.

Other topics under consideration include geotourism as a means of celebrating and better coordination  nationally of geoheritage data bases, establishing a national set of administrative procedures for ‘georegional’ assessment to provide for potential geopark nomination, new geotrail development, and using geotourism to strengthen Australia’s international geoscience standing and enhance its influence for the long term benefits of Australian geoscientists.

13th August, 2019