National Geotourism Strategy and the Australian Geoscience Council Inc


In pursuit of its inclusion as a Geoscience advocacy opportunity under the current AGC 2015-2020 Strategic Plan, the Australian Geoscience Council recently appointed Angus M Robinson FAusIMM (CP) to coordinate the process of developing a draft National Geotourism Strategy under the umbrella of the AGC Advocacy Sub-committee. Angus intends to co-opt various relevant expertise to help formulate this draft strategy, and will consult with relevant stakeholders such as Geoscience Australia and State/Territory Geological Surveys, and their representatives.

To accommodate the orderly development of major geotourism projects and activities in line with overseas trends and domestic regional development imperatives, the Australian Geoscience Council sees the development of a National Geotourism Strategy, to be developed as a staged, incremental approach, as being essential to gain government endorsement at all levels. 

Angus, a minerals exploration geologist by training, is an experienced executive, strategist and registered industry lobbyist with extensive recent experience in industry (mining, manufacturing and tourism) as well as professional society groupings. For the past seven years, he has led the development of geotourism in Australia in a leadership role for the Geological Society of Australia, a role that he has now relinquished to focus on a National Geotourism Strategy

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