Dianne Tompkins PhD

Dianne Tompkins PhD is a highly experienced geoscientist who has worked extensively for the oil and gas industry in many different roles including as an asset manager, a project geologist and as a new business ventures team leader. Dianne has recently retired from the oil and gas exploration business after spending the last two years working as an operations geologist in Stavanger, Norway.

While there she began an MA in Historical Archaeology at the University of Leicester which she expects to be awarded at the end of 2016. In expanding her outlook beyond petroleum geology and geochemistry she hopes to be able to increase her involvement in many different educational and geotourism-related projects both in Australia and globally. Dianne currently lives in Houston, Texas but has many family and friends in Australia and plans to visit and continue to be extensively involved in projects there in the future.

As an Associate of Leisure Solutions®, and as a career geoscientist, Dianne has always had an interest in working in the field and visiting areas of special geological significance. One of Dianne’s main interests is in global travel and geotourism and she is fortunate to have been able to indulge this passion while living overseas (including UK, USA, China, Australia and Norway), for over 30 years. Dianne feels that the earth sciences influence many aspects of people’s lives which they often fail to understand and she is motivated by the idea that with a combination of educational outreach and geotourism we can bring this idea to life and create a more informed and enthusiastic public.

In 2004 Dianne was awarded a graduate Diploma in Education from the University of Western Australia that qualified her to teach science in secondary schools. Dianne is formerly the Executive Officer, Secondary Education for Earth Science Western Australia, representing a consortium of some 40 different organizations that encourage and support the teaching of earth and environmental sciences in WA schools. Dianne is an author and the chief editor of a senior science text book produced to support the WA Earth and Environmental Science course that was introduced into WA secondary schools in 2007. Dianne continues to be passionate about earth science education for young people and believes that the earlier they are introduced to these concepts the more interested and engaged they will be in the their future studies and adult travel opportunities.

Dianne gained her first degree in Geological Sciences from Aston University in Birmingham (UK) and then went on to complete her PhD at the Applied Geochemistry Research Group at Imperial College in London. After a one year post-doctoral project at Southampton University (UK) based in Spain and Portugal, she started her first job in the oil sector setting up the petrology unit for Core Laboratories UK. Since then she has worked for a number of large international oil companies in many different positions and in many different countries which has given her a unique global perspective on geology, geotourism and earth science education. Dianne is the author of the GEOExPro article (April, 2017) – A Wonderful Wild Wilderness – the Kimberley National Landscape of Western Australia as well as the GEOExPro article (June 2020) – Australia’s Amazing South West Corner – Australia’s Great South West Edge of Western Australia