David Robson

David has extensive geosciences knowledge and mineral exploration experience in Australia and Asia supported with a Batchelor of Science, Graduate Diploma of Applied Geophysics and a Graduate Certificate in Management. He possesses outstanding leadership, management and high level communication skills and is an innovative and enthusiastic team leader and team player. He is an active member of ASEG and GSA.

David has extensive experience as a geoscientist working throughout Australia and Asia. In late 2014, David Robson retired from the Geological Survey of New South Wales (GSNSW) after over 20 years of service. He was the NSW Department of Trade & Investment’s Chief Geophysicist and in later years was Manager of the Regional Mapping and Exploration Geoscience Group. He was responsible for geophysical activities relating to the advancement of knowledge of statewide, regional and local aspects of the state’s geology. Through the NSW Government’s New Frontiers initiative, his program activities included conducting field mapping in strategic areas, compiling geology maps, generating images and databases, and completing comprehensive statewide geological and geophysical coverages to a high standard. He also supervised research geoscientists and encouraged new thinking supported by documentation, 3D modelling and promotion of its findings. He is an experienced technical writer and organizer of seminars, conferences and field excursions.


Prior to joining the GSNSW, he was Senior Supervising Geoscientist with Western Mining Corporation (WMC) for over 16 years. He was based in their Melbourne and then in their Kalgoorlie office where David was part of the mineral exploration team. He completed the early exploration on the now world-class Olympic Dam Deposit and participated in mineral exploration programs throughout Australia and in the Philippines. He has considerable exploration experience working in the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia in both brownfield and greenfield exploration.


Prior to joining WMC, David was 5 years with Geoscience Australia (then the Bureau of Mineral Resources) in Canberra as part of their Regional Mapping Project. This involved improving the knowledge of the regional geology in Northern Australia especially in the Kakadu and Georgetown regions.


David is a member of the GSA and is on the GSA Geotourism Standing Committee. He was a key member on the organizing committee for the 2014 AESC Conference held in Newcastle where he organized the associated field excursions and technical workshops. He is also an active member of the ASEG and was recently the Chair of the ASEG Technical Standards Committee. David has a keen interest in geotourism and is a proven organizer of field trips, seminars and conferences and is an experienced presenter.


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