The National Landscapes Programme was originally developed by the Australian Government in collaboration with state and territory national parks agencies, state and regional tourism organisations, local governmenAustralia’s t and industry to highlight a collection of iconic places with great cultural, natural heritage and spiritual significance, many of which already embrace UNESCO World Heritage sites.   The Programme aimed to promote the conservation of Australia’s natural assets while raising awareness and visitation to Australia’s premier culture and nature-based destinations that deliver memorable holiday experiences to the international ‘Experience Seeker’ target market.

The Programme embraced 16 National Landscapes, including Australia’s Red Centre and the Kimberley National Landscapes featured in  issues of GEOExPro.

Recently Australia’s peak tourism industry association (Tourism and Transport Forum) in the June 2017 report, Unlocking Our Great Outdoors has recommended support for further development of these prime natural destinations.

In recent years, Leisure Solutions® has taken an active role in developing geotours in the iconic national landscapes of Australia’s Green Cauldron, Australia’s Red Centre and the Greater Blue Mountains.  Angus M Robinson has previously represented Ecotourism Australia on the Reference Committee for the Australia’s Green Cauldron national landscape.

Leisure Solutions® has also undertaken familiarisation tours in other iconic national landscapes i.e. the Flinders Ranges, Kangaroo Island, Tasmania’s Island Heritage .