Established in 1994, Leisure Solutions® provides tourism marketing, business management and lobbying services. Currently, the business is focused on developing and marketing new  ecotourism packages (both self-drive and group tour) which are ‘experiential’ in character and incorporating a high level of geotourism content. Leisure Solutions® is the trading entity of Leisure Solutions Pty Limited, a company that was incorporated in January 2019. 

Leisure Solutions® retails its travel products through Wye and James Travel Associates, at a co-location situated in Turramurra, New South Wales.

Leisure Solutions® is a business member of Ecotourism Australia and the product, Country Charm Discovery Tour of the Scenic Rim in Queensland, is eco-certified.

Leisure Solutions® is also the business vehicle through which its Managing Director, Angus M Robinson, provides consultancy services in the area of new industry development, with a particular focus on geotourism through his current  role as the Coordinator, National Geotourism Strategy for the Australian Geoscience Council.