The Australian National Landscapes Programme was established in 2005 to bring together tourism and conservation and create logical tourism destinations with a unique character. Sixteen Landscapes were created and each has developed its own Destination Development Strategy to drive this unique character and deliver quality tourism experiences.

The industry association, Ecotourism Australia Ltd, of which Leisure Solutions® is a long standing member, and the initiator of the Geotourism Forum  has become more involved in this program and has taken on the administration/coordination role after the founding Australian Government Agencies (Parks Australia and Tourism Australia) decided to redirect their resources because the program has reached the ‘Seeing the Results’ phase and has now been formally terminated. EA Discussion Paper_National Landscapes March 2015

In recent years, Leisure Solutions® has taken an active role in developing geotours in the iconic national landscapes of Australia’s Green Cauldron, Australia’s Red Centre and the Greater Blue Mountains. Angus M Robinson has previously represented Ecotourism Australia on the Reference Committee for the Australia’s Green Cauldron national landscape.

Leisure Solutions® has also undertaken familiarisation tours in other iconic national landscapes i.e. Flinders Ranges, Kangaroo Island, Tasmania’s Island Heritage and the Great Ocean Road. Through the work of the Geotourism Standing Committee  of the Geological Society of Australia, Angus M Robinson has facilitated the development of the GeoTreat smartphone application for use in the Australia’s Coastal Wilderness national landscape and eventually in other National Landscape areas.